RE: Limitations of Unicode support in Windows 95/98

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Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 11:37:00 EDT

Mark is correct about the Unicode support in Windows 9x. Check out
for details.

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Mr. Krugler,

I believe that 95/98 have fairly limited Unicode support: essentially
measuring, and converting character codes to and from Unicode. Most of the
APIs will not handle Unicode. The way Office 2000 handles Unicode across
both NT
and 95/98 is with libraries that provide Unicode capabilities if it is not
available on the platform. I don't know if there are third-party libraries
do the same thing.

M. Davis

Ken Krugler wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been in the middle of a technical debate re Unicode on a different
> mailing list. Recently one of the participants stated:
> >While Win95 & Win98 both say they support Unicode, and do internally, the
> >various elements of the user interface don't support Unicode well enough
> >applications to make use of the support. Specifically, text objects in
> >non-oriental versions of the O/S do not support Unicode.
> I wasn't aware of a specific limitation with text objects, and/or the
> problems that this causes. Perhaps somebody with more experience in this
> area could provide additional details?
> Thanks,
> -- Ken
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