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Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 14:49:15 EDT

Jens Siebert recently said:

> Furthermore I have got a question about a detail, written in the
> book =84The Unicode Standard=93 (appendix C, page C.3. /chapter C.3.
> UTF-16).
> In the first sentence the Author writes:
> The term UTF-16 stands for UCS Transformation Format for planes
> of group 00
> My question is: What is meant by `group 00` ???

Group is a term from ISO 10646. It is the high order 7 bits in the 31 bit
character number. There are 128 groups numbered 00 to 7F. Within each group
there are 256 planes. Currently Unicode uses just plane 00 in group 00.
Planes 01, 02, and 0E in group 00 will probably be the next to be used.
Planes 0F and 10 are available for private use. I'm not aware of any plans
to use planes in other groups. (There are some private use groups but their
use is not recommended since they cannot be represented using surrogates.)


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