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Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 13:29:43 EST

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> But in fact, I find that Serbian is somewhat neglected. I am a Mac user.
> With Mac OS 9 I installed all the language modules which came with it. Of
> the languages using the Cyrillic alphabet I have Bulgarian, Russian and
> Ukrainian. There was no Serbian, and I don't think it depends on the
> international boycott of Yugoslavia.

Unfortunately it does. U.S. officially forbade to U.S. companies to do
business with what they call "Serbia and Montenegro". Microsoft and Apple
are U.S. companies enough that they can approve their support only as the
need of clients from other countries who would use Serbian. (Also companies
from Serbia can't be partners of U.S. companies. But it's no secret -- life
must keep going on even in Serbia, so sometimes a buyer form abroad can
actually buy something which will end up in Serbia). However much bigger
market would be in the main country. I would rather look it this way: who
will get the best part of the market once the sanctions are lifted? And they
must be lifted once, U.S. can't keep 10 million of the people under the mat

I just worried that this 10 million of people would even miss the train to
have a correct representation of their language in computers, that's why I
started this discussion. I got a lot of really useful information here and I
would try to make some kind of compilation of the answers. After I do this
(don't expect it earlier than after a week, I'll invite you all to look at
it and post the comments).

Thank you all,
Janko Stamenovic

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