RE: Subject lines in UTF-8 mssgs? [was: Proposal to make ...]

Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 11:12:55 EDT

Jaap Pranger wrote:
> Chris Wendt already explained the high degree of control one
> gets in OE,
> so MS Outlook 2000 must be another software. ( Thanks Chris! )

Of course, or they wouldn't have had a different name :-)
The two Chris's (Fynn and Wendt) just explained the settings for OE; those
for Outlook 2000 have been explained in a post not older than 1 or 2 months;
sorry for not remembering the subject and author.

> Marco, I had already gone through several mailboxes with hundreds of
> UML postings searching for such a message from you, but could
> not find a single one. I'm sure your UTF-8 posts ended up among the
> most interesting ones, concatenated and saved as WP files.

Are you confusing WP files with the Recycle Bin? ;-)

> As soon as your Outlook 2000 sees fit to deliver another such message
> I will send you the particulars. Don't worry.

I forced the encoding to UTF-8 (it is supposed to be the default in my
setting, but most of my messages arrive as charset="windows-1252"), and I am
using some Chinese characters that are certainly not in my system's default
code page:


Ciao, Jaap.
_ Marco

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