Re: Chess symbols, ZWJ, Opentype and holly type ornaments.

From: Barry Caplan (
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 20:16:56 EDT

At 01:27 PM 6/18/2002 +1000, Christopher Vance wrote:
>: Anyone who would like to make suggestions over which symbols to include is
>: welcome to send such suggestions to me by email please.
>Please stop bothering the list with your PUA plans: nobody cares --
>that's what the "P" means.

Is that is the consensus here? .... Would it be nice to have a place to publicize PUA uses so that the codepoints can be used? Something like CPAN for Perl perhaps? Otherwise it seems like a lot of wheels might be reinvented...

I do agree that maybe this list isn't the best place to announce such stuff, esp. if it gets to be high volume, but it seems like useful information to collect and disseminate to me....

Barry Caplan

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