Dublin Conference: Re: ISO/IEC 10646 versus Unicode

From: Marion Gunn (mgunn@egt.ie)
Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 07:25:51 EDT

For more than a year I have been so busy rebuilding my own company and
juggling community responsibilities and invalid care, that I have had
little time to keep up with Unicode/10646 club activities.

I also have US spam of the nastiest kind running at over 80% of my
e-mails, so I tend to avoid communicating by e-mail now, as much as I
can, so I'll keep this msg brief, and hope it is acceptable.

Please let me try again to ask about progress made, in that year, in re
Unicode/10646, whose activities, I repeat, EGT supported financially for
many years (I also repeat that I still support Unicode in principle, and
can do so now with a much lighter heart, with that financial burden at
last removed).

This year's Unicode conference seemed so marred by avoidable blundering
(some disagree with me on that) that I felt moved to offer certain
comments, which still stand, as posted, and, although only referring to
Ireland, I hope they may influence planning around other conferences in
other host countries.

I am genuinely curious to know if Unicode still has an unusual company
structure of only one indian and many chiefs (a US expression, no
insult), or whether it now, like most IT companies, employs plenty of
indians and only a few chiefs (directors).

I know ISO/IEC 10646 can not be made any exception to ISO rules which
demand a review every 5 years, and I would like to know what stage it is
at now, or what the main elements driving/preventing WG 2 progess on
that may be.

I also still want to know about implementaions (Unicode may not consider
its brief to cover implemenations, the companies which combine to make
the consortium sure do, and it would be nice of them to say how many
such implementations are now MES/BMP-compliant, or whatever - please cut
through the terminology to the meaning).

A scan of my mailbox shows 8 responses to my mail of yesterday. I have
yet to read those responses, so, if the answers to the above questions
have already been posted, you can disregard my posting them in this msg.

Sarasvati has written to me privately, concerning job advertising on the
list. I shall not do that again.

I hope this helps.

Marion Gunn * E G T (Estab.1991) vox: +353-1-2839396 * mgunn@egt.ie
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