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Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 11:19:28 EDT


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The message below was posted on the Ventura newsgroup on the web. I found
the info about quotation marks in European languages interesting.



I started to collect the quote usage of various languages for a friend
in need. I started with the description in the Unicode standard
(marked 1) but later found other, contradicting sources as well
(marked 2). So, I would like to ask you to correct this list with
whatever language you have completely reliable information about.

I'd also be interested in other typographical rules (punctuation,
hyphens, dashes, dates, etc.), pointers to such guides (if they are
available on the net, or some of you are ready to type the data in; I
sure don't want to buy dozens of books just for this). If you know of
no site on the net collecting all these pieces of information already,
I'll be willing to put them on mine.

Please, send your corrections, ideas, contributions etc off the NG,
directly to me.

Albanian: high-66 high-99
American English: high-66 high-99 (nested: high-6 high-9)
Bulgarian: high-66 high-99
British English: high-6 high-9 (nested: high-66 high-99)
Czech 1: low-9 high-6
Czech 2: low-99 high-66
Danish 1: high-9 high-9
Danish 2: high-66 high-99
Dutch 1: high-6 high-9
Dutch 2: low-99 high-99
Esperanto: free, usually according to the local rules of the publisher
Estonian: >> <<
Finnish 1: high-9 high-9
Finnish 2: high-99 high-99
French: << >> (thin space between the text and the guillemets)
German 1: low-9 high-6 (also >> <<)
German 2: low-99 high-66
Greek: << >>
Hungarian: low-99 high-99
Icelandic: low-99 high-66
Italian 1: high-6 high-9
Italian 2: low-99 high-66 (nested: < >)
Irish: high-66 high-99
Latvian: low-99 high-66
Lithuanian: low-99 high-66 (nested: < >)
Norvegian 1: high-9 high-9
Norvegian 2: low-99 high-66 (nested: < >)
Polish 1: low-99 high-99
Polish 2: low-99 high-66
Portuguese: high-6 high-9
Rumanian: low-99 high-66 (nested: < >)
Russian 1: << >>
Russian 2: low-6 high-9 (nested: low-99 high-66)
Slovakian: low-9 high-6
Sloven: >> <<
Spanish 1: high-6 high-9
Spanish 2: high-66 high-99
Swedish 1: high-9 high-9 (also >> >>)
Swedish 2: high-99 high-99 (also >> <<)
Turkish: high-6 high-9


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