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Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 12:25:46 EDT

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    So that Peter's comments cannot be perceived as strictly Peter's view, I
    am seconding them.
    Message catalogs are not new.
    A proprietary coding system is a bad idea.
    XML is the way to go.
    Failure to investigate the state of the art, (especially where google is
    so effortless), means this idea is not pushing any envelope.

    New ideas are welcome, but as Peter and others have already defined
    several times where the envelope needs pushing (e.g. XML), and in
    particular where they should not (private encodings, and hi level
    application semantics assigned to particular code points), continued
    attempts to do so are not welcome.

    tex wrote:
    ...>Your markup
    > convention is completely proprietary, it has no existing software support,
    > and nobody but you has any interest in it. You tell me which one is more
    > likely to result in productive work and adoption by others.
    ...> None of us here mind
    > invention, but I think most would believe that inventiveness is most
    > productive when building off the advancement of others rather than
    > reinventing wheels or widgets. XML exists, and it works.
    > Beside the fact that your proposed markup convention is not a good idea, it
    > has nothing whatsoever to do with the development of Unicode. This
    > discussion really ought to be taken elsewhere.
    > - Peter

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