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Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 10:53:10 EST

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    A 21:46 2002-10-29 +0000, Michael Everson a écrit :
    >At 13:27 -0800 2002-10-29, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
    >>Michael asked:
    >>> My eyes have glazed over reading this discussion. What am I being
    >>> asked to agree with?
    >>Here's the executive summary for those without the time to
    >>plow through the longer exchange:
    >>Marco: It is o.k. (in a German-specific context) to display
    >> an umlaut as a macron (or a tilde, or a little e above),
    >> since that is what Germans do.
    >>Kent: It is *not* o.k. -- that constitutes changing a character.
    >[Michael] Kent can't be right here.

    [Alain] However I agree with Kent. Let's say a text identified as German
    quotes a French word with an U DIAERESIS *in the German text* (a word like
    "capharnaüm"). It would be a heresy to show a macron in a printed text in
    this context. In French *nobody* uses this practice that is frequent in
    German handwriting (but not in printing, unless I am wrong).

    One has to respect characters for what they are. A U DIAERESIS is not a U
    MACRON even if its codepoint is shared with a German U UMLAUT that may be
    handwritten with a *vague* resemblance to a U MACRON.

    Alain LaBonté

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