RE: Character identities

From: Dominikus Scherkl (
Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 11:26:12 EST

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    > [Alain] However I agree with Kent. Let's say a text
    > identified as German quotes a French word with an
    > U DIAERESIS *in the German text* (a word like "capharnaŁm").
    > It would be a heresy to show a macron in a printed text in
    > this context.
    A font representing my mothers handwriting (german only :-)
    would render "u" as "u with breve above" to distinguish it
    from the representation of "n".
    I don't know how my mother would write a text containing an
    "u with breve above", but nevertheless the u-glyphe has to have
    a breve, even if it may conflict with another charakter.

    If you got a text with such ambiguities, why don't use another
    font for the quotings? - has the additional advantage of
    pointing out visualy that it's a quotation.

    Dominikus Scherkl

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