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From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 17:57:21 EDT

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    >D. W. Emmett, the creator of the Softy editor, died a few years
    >ago and, hence, no longer accepts bug reports. Otherwise, he may
    >well have made various corrections.
    >The Softy editor was last updated in 1998 (AFAICT) and generates
    >mainly the same kind of errors as all of the other font creation
    >tools then available.

    These are entirely fair comments, but some other font software has been
    continuously developed since 1998 and is today able to make much better
    quality fonts, resulting in fewer bugs and less support issues. In 1998,
    Softy was probably a reasonable option for people looking for a budget font
    tool; I don't think it is a reasonable option today. Fontographer used to
    be considered the 'industry standard' for independent font developers;
    today, it is widely regarded as obsolete and not much more likely to be
    upgraded than Softy. Good software from 1998 is typically bad software in
    2003. Funnily enough, things improve.

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