Re: Problem with Arial Unicode MS font for BOLD/ITALICS in PDF

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 17:44:25 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy,

    > But it's true that complex scripts like Han will be poorly rendered in Bold
    > or Italic... But does someone actually wants to read Han text with Bold
    > characters (or even worse slanted with Italic) ?

    What is true is that use of italicized text is unusual
    in Chinese or Japanese body text--certainly not with the frequency
    or same range of functions as occurs in Latin typography.
    Bold text is not that unusual, however.

    Han (and Japanese kana) font designers have adapted a whole range
    of Western typographic ideas on top of traditional stylistic
    ideas for East Asian fonts, and it is not at all strange to find
    many ranges of bold/heaviness in fonts for display type,
    advertising, notices, and such, as well as different kinds of
    oblique or italic faces as well. You even see inverse-obliqued
    faces for vertical display, where the vertical lines of the
    characters stay vertical, but the horizontal lines are
    obliqued up to the left, to give the visual effect of angled
    text while maintaining vertical alignment.

    Just browse in any modern Chinese or Japanese magazine to see a great
    range of such effects.

    > There are etter choice than Italic for Han: use a different font style,

    This is generally true. One wouldn't want to deal with glyphs in
    a Han font which are just algorithmically italicized in the
    renderer. Those would, indeed, generally be both ugly and hard to

    > I think that Italic is to avoid for most Asian scripts, as readers are not
    > used to it.

    For body text, in documents or on web pages, I would agree.


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