font creation software for Unicode Hebrew proposal ?

From: Elaine Keown (
Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 11:46:45 EDT

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           Elaine Keown
           Bryan, Texas
    After *today*, please reply off-list.
    I am now reading the archives and
    sometimes joining the list for 24 hours.
    I am looking for inexpensive glyph creation
    software to produce a Unicode Hebrew proposal.
    The Hebrew Unicode list recommended several
    possibilities: Graphite, PfaEdit,
    VOLT, and TypeTool.
    However, only Graphite, VOLT, and TypeTool
    run under Windows. In addition, I was told
    by an SIL person that Graphite won't work
    for me. VOLT apparently assumes you
    start with a TrueType font file, and
    the TypeTool products description says it
    doesn't support Arabic or Hebrew. That may not
    matter so much since most of my 80 glyphs
    will be vowel etc. diacritics....
    Further help appreciated---Elaine

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