Re: font creation software for Unicode Hebrew proposal ?

From: Joop Jagers (
Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 13:07:38 EDT

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    Font Creator is an excellent program and costs only $50. It can be
    downloaded at It supports composite glyphs
    (TypeTool doesn't) which I am told are common in Hebrew.

    Elaine Keown wrote:

    > Elaine Keown
    > Bryan, Texas
    >After *today*, please reply off-list.
    >I am now reading the archives and
    >sometimes joining the list for 24 hours.
    >I am looking for inexpensive glyph creation
    >software to produce a Unicode Hebrew proposal.
    >The Hebrew Unicode list recommended several
    >possibilities: Graphite, PfaEdit,
    >VOLT, and TypeTool.
    >However, only Graphite, VOLT, and TypeTool
    >run under Windows. In addition, I was told
    >by an SIL person that Graphite won't work
    >for me. VOLT apparently assumes you
    >start with a TrueType font file, and
    >the TypeTool products description says it
    >doesn't support Arabic or Hebrew. That may not
    >matter so much since most of my 80 glyphs
    >will be vowel etc. diacritics....
    >Further help appreciated---Elaine
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