Re: unicode Digest V4 #3

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 13:17:35 EST

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    From: "Mark E. Shoulson" <>
    > On 01/05/04 08:04, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > Regarding dotless-i-with hook...
    > >and case mappings with each other. Both solutions maintains the
    > >with Latin oi (gha) and with the latin soft sign (small b).
    > >
    > Can we leave OI/gha out of this? Near as I can tell the *only*
    > relevance it has to the discussion of the hookbottomed-i is that it
    > happened to be mentioned in the same message once. It doesn't look,
    > sound, smell, or taste like the hookbottom-i, and should in no wise be
    > conflated, unified, or otherwise made to cohabit with it.

    Certainly, but that's not me who suggested to unify the "i with bottom right
    as a variant of "oi/gha". In fact if you read what I read, I have exactly
    said the
    opposite, because I have always thought that "oi/gha" was a variant of "g"
    and not of "i"...

    Look at the summary of sounds with "similar" glyphs I posted early, then
    this is very clear... This summary was needed because the GIF posted by
    Peter was not found in the list (Peter just posted a plain-text description,
    but the table he created was not usable as all the column formatting was
    lost from his post...)
    Instead Peter could post a URL to his interesting Azeri alphabets which
    compares the transliteration schemes that occured in different reforms from
    Arabic to Latin then Cyrillic then agains Latin.

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