Re: Cuneiform - Dynamic vs. Static

From: Deborah Goldsmith (
Date: Tue Jan 13 2004 - 21:06:09 EST

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    On Jan 13, 2004, at 4:58 PM, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > Where is the limit between the "user part of the PUA" and the
    > "corporate
    > part" of the PUA"?

    For Panther:
    "user part of PUA" == everything not in the corporate part of the PUA
    "corporate part of PUA" == the set of corporate PUA characters that
    Apple defines on Mac OS

    > Also what is the status of planes 15 and 16? are they all in the "user
    > part"

    Actually, I don't think planes 15 and 16 were covered by this change.
    Time to write a bug...

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    Manager, Fonts / Unicode liaison
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