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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 12:50:24 EST

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    From: "Chris Jacobs" <>
    > >
    > > You could have said that without vociferating so loudly. (Against the
    > > etiquette, no?)
    > In the KLIpIqaDmey font this indicates using the pIqaD letters. Lower case
    > are the Mandel letters.
    > > What is non conforming? The fact that the font uses PUAs?
    > Rather the fact that it does not.

    Oh, I did not notice it...

    Then yes it's an abuse of the Latin script, which is used only because it
    refelcts the approximation of Klingon letters for English readers. I think
    that a French Klingon reader would use a "r" approximation rather than the
    Mandel "qh" digraph. It would still be an approximation of the actual
    Klingon script. The displayed Latin approximations on this page is
    not a good transliteration for the Klingon script...

    Just a coding convention (i.e. like a binary encoding scheme) rather than a
    code assignment that should be decoded into codepoints before trying to
    represent it with a font. You can't really and safely handle the Klingon
    script with this Latin encoding. My remark is still valid: Klingon is not
    Latin, even if there's a font that tries to represent Latin letters by
    creating Latin digraph ligatures into Klingon letters that break the
    conformance requirement for Latin letters.

    So should better document that this Latin convention is a 7-bit
    encoding scheme (i.e. an algorithmic/mathematic transformation) used to
    represent actual Klingon letters which still don't have Unicode codepoints
    assigned to them, but could be mapped in a appropriate and ordered range of
    PUAs, before they get some assignment in plane 1 for future works.
    When this will occur, this 7-bit encoding should be deprecated, except for
    tutorial documents for readers not used to the Klingon letter forms.

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