Re: [META] Should there be a separate public list for CLDR?

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Sat May 22 2004 - 14:30:51 CDT

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    On 22/05/2004 12:17, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    >From: "Peter Kirk" <>
    >>There has now been nearly a month to gain experience on this issue.
    >>During this time there have been several hundred postings related to
    >>locales. In just the last two days there have been more than 100. It is
    >>very tedious for those of working on character encoding issues to have
    >>to receive all of this irrelevant material.
    >Note: discussions about the ISO 15924 beta tables are not related to the CLDR
    >In the last two days, there has been very few messages related to the CLDR.
    >And the discussions on ISO 15924 will soon be slowed down, because the current
    >tables are now much more accurate...
    >(The only remaining bug I see is the incorrect orthograph "traditionel" (there
    >should be 2 N) in the French name for Code=Hant.)
    >ISO 15924 will NOT handle anything related to the CLDR project, even if CLDR
    >uses ISO 15924. These two projects are distinct, and distinct from the Unicode
    Well, CLDR and ISO 15924 are both about locales, and not about character
    encoding. And the original proposal which Rick postponed a decision on
    was for a separate list for locale discussions.

    If this discussion does indeed come to an end soon, I will be happy. But
    I will continue to be unhappy if James' point is ignored and this list
    continues to be the forum for discussion of typographical niceties of a
    standard that I have no interest in.

    And in case anyone is thinking of complaining about how much discussion
    of Phoenician there has been on this list, I did try to divert the
    discussion to the Hebrew list right at the start, but everyone else
    wanted to discuss it here.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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