ISO 15924 beta period is now over

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Sat May 29 2004 - 15:39:00 CDT

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    The following notice has been received by the Unicode office. I pass it
    along to interested parties:

            The ISO 15924 beta period is over. The tables are all
            now generated from a single file; the differences from
            the release version are reflected on the code changes page.

            I would like to thank everyone who helped fix the problems
            we had with the tables.

                Michael Everson
                ISO 15924 Registrar

    To submit official comments on ISO 15924, please see the on-line reporting
    form here:


    There is a selection box on the form for "ISO 15924 issue or comment".

    The standard and related documents, including a request form for additions
    and changes, are available here:



            Rick McGowan
            Unicode, Inc.

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