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Date: Sat Jul 03 2004 - 08:23:35 CDT

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    You might take a look at what we have in ICU for doing transliteration. It
    is rule-based, where each of the rules can take the context of surrounding
    letters into account.

    For information, see
    You can try out the rules with an interactive demo at

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    > I've read selected messages in this thread (on Unicode list) and some
    > bring to mind the thought of developing routines or standards to permit
    > toggling back and forth between standard Latin and Arabic transcriptions
    > the same language, such as between the Boko and Ajami writing of Hausa.
    > applies to any two or three transcription systems used for particular
    > languages.)
    > One of the benefits of ICT is, theoretically anyway, that one can have
    text both
    > (all) ways. Which would mean that the user has options, people using
    > alternative systems are not excluded, and the society does not have to
    debate a
    > decision of which writing system to use, etc.
    > Because there is generally not a 1-to-1 character correspondence in
    spellings in
    > different transcriptions, I wonder if you don't end up having to consider
    > something that operates a bit like machine translation, analyzing the
    > of words in cases where transcription of a word in one system could be
    > transliterated into something misspelled or taken as more than one word in
    > other system. Necessarily, I think, such routines would have to be
    > language-specific.
    > Any feedback would be appreciated. TIA...
    > Don Osborn

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