Re: is "n with tilde" used in French language ?

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Sun Jul 04 2004 - 16:42:02 CDT

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    Cristian Secară a écrit :

    >According to Michael Everson's site, "The Alphabets of Europe" page,
    >the French .pdf, character ñ and Ñ (Latin small / capital letter N
    >with tilde) is used by the French alphabet.
    Not any alphabet taught in primary school I would say.

    But cañon is in my Petit Larousse illustré (2004), but then it refers
    the reader to the more common canyon...

    >I looked at different other sources and found no other mention about
    >this character as being used for French language (however, my search
    >was not exhaustive).
    >The standard ISO/IEC 8859-16 claims coverage of the French language,
    >but character ñ and Ñ is not part of ISO/IEC 8859-16.
    >Should I understand that this charactere was only used in "old" French ?
    As a ligature certainly and it was also proposed and used by Renaissance
    orthographical reformers to denote unambiguously nasal sounds (I have
    several books from around 1550 using the tilde in that fashion
    [facsimiles of such books of course...]).

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    ISO 10646 et Unicode en français

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