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From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 06:45:58 CDT

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    Peter Kirk a écrit :

    > On 03/07/2004 00:07, Patrick Andries wrote:
    >> o very different political realities (before and after 1453). Cities
    >> change names without going through transliterattions, cf. Berlin
    >> (Ontario) becoming Kitchener in 1916.
    > But Constantinople -> Istanbul is not in fact this kind of name
    > change, for Istanbul (that is, İstanbul) is probably a corrupted and
    > shortened version of Constantinople, with the initial I added to fit
    > Turkish phonology (cf. the old western version Stamboul, still used in
    > Russian, also Smyrna -> Izmir). (I have also heard it said that
    > Istanbul comes from Greek EIS TĒN POLIN "to the city", but that seems
    > less likely to me.)

    Yes, I have heard this.

    > So the change is more like Beijing -> Peking than Berlin -> Kitchener.

    Without a political change Constantinople would not have changed name in
    a matter of days (at least as far as the officials were concerned). In
    any case, it is not a transliteration problem (Beijing --> Pékin).

    P. A.

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