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Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 08:00:53 CDT

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    On 06/07/2004 13:05, Patrick Andries wrote:

    > Patrick Andries a écrit :
    >>> So the change is more like Beijing -> Peking than Berlin -> Kitchener.
    >> Without a political change Constantinople would not have changed name
    >> in a matter of days (at least as far as the officials were
    >> concerned). In any case, it is not a transliteration problem (Beijing
    >> --> Pékin).

    Well, did Gdansk/Danzig change its name backwards and forwards several
    times over history (thank you, Qrczak, for the interesting information
    about that), or was it simply that it had different names in different
    languages? This makes it not a transliteration problem but a translation
    problem, one which is common to many geographical names - sometimes the
    names in different languages are related, and sometimes they are not
    e.g. Turku/Åbo in Finland, or Yerushalayim/al-Quds, or Dublin/(I'll let
    Michael tell us the correct Irish form).

    > [PA] I wrote this a bit too fast this morning (first message !). I
    > believe the origin of Istanbul is a bit too obscure to decide whether
    > it is due to a transcription or a complete name change. Just to
    > confuse things further Konstantaniye was apparently used by the
    > Turkish administration and a Greek form Istimboli is attested in the
    > XIVth century.

    Thanks for this. The matter is indeed not so simple.

    > P. .A

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