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From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 01:08:32 CDT

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    Peter Kirk writes
    > This is more complicated than it looks. The Greek form Istimboli is
    > impossible for the period as Greek had no [b] sound, for β was
    > pronounced [v] except that later and perhaps already at that period μπ
    > was pronounced [b] at least in foreign words. So is the Greek consonant
    > cluster μβ, or μπ, or μμπ, or what? Also is the previous consonant
    > cluster στ as transliterated, or σθ corresponding to "isthmus"? And then
    > what are the Greek vowels?

    I was only trying to grasp the sense of Gerd's throw-away remark (which I
    hope he will explain), but I appreciate the difficulties you raise,
    especially the point about the Greek beta as the phoneme /v/ . That
    particular difficulty at least doesn't apply to the Ottoman b, if we look
    for a Turkish -bul < πολις.

    Raymond Mercier

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