Re: Changing UCA primary weights (bad idea)

From: E. Keown (
Date: Mon Jul 12 2004 - 18:00:45 CDT

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           Elaine Keown


    Michael Everson wrote:
    >6) the Latin alphabet has a lot more than 26 letters
    >in it.

    I agree with Michael! And Roman/Latin is a growing
    script----it's already the 2nd-most used script in the
    world (after Hanzi).

    Last year an SIL script expert told me that 50-60% of
    the world's languages are *still* unwritten (that's
    3600-4200 unwritten languages). SIL hopes to build
    writing systems for everything by 2020....

    And the phonetics people say that the world's
    languages contain 1200 different sounds---900
    different consonants, 300 different vowels.

    I think that implies that Unicode Latin will be
    different *every* year between now and 2020....

    So, does this change have to be done now? Is it
    supposed to be permanent? ----Elaine

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