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From: Magda Danish \(Unicode\) (v-magdad@microsoft.com)
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 13:46:56 CDT

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    I've tried to submit to the mailing list but somehow I managed to fail
    it. So I'm trying here instead.

    First a short presentation of the subject:
    I'm currently trying to write a program where kids can learn how to
    spell in a language called Bahasa Jawi (or Jawi in short). This is a
    language based on the Arabic letters. The letters can be found on this
    link: http://ms.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulisan_Jawi

    For this program I have tried using the following letters:
    cha = "\u0686"
    nga ="\u06A0"
    pa = "\u06A4"
    ga = "\u06AC"
    nya = "\u06BD"
    First I must say that the letter "cha" has worked perfectly as I want it
    to and I'm very pleased with it. However, neither the letter "nga" nor
    the letter "nya" have worked in a satisfying way due to their inability
    to bond to neighbouring letters.
    "nga" is supposed to behave just as it's closest sibblings ein
    ("\u0639") and ghein ("\u063A") and nya is supposed to behave as the
    letters ba ("\u0628"),ta ("\u062A") and sa ("\u062B") except that its
    dots are moved from being on top to be at the bottom (with the single
    dot at the rearest bottom and the two other dots just above it (like a
    "ba" with three dots).
    As for the letter "ga" you don't seem to have the "real" "ga" since it
    really should look like the letter kaf ("\u06A9") but with one single
    dot above the "base character" as you can see in the link I posted
    above. Is it possible for you to create such a symbol anytime soon? Or
    could you possibly tell me how I can create it for my own use?
    And last but not least, I am very sorry to say that your letter "pa"
    doesn't work at all! All I see when the letter is written is a sqare or
    rectangle. Do you have any idea why this happens?
    I know it might be hard to do anything about these problems but I hope
    that you could help me with these problems by telling me how I could
    correct them myself or at least answering this letter so that I know
    that something is happening.
                   Yasmin Khan

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