RE: Much better Latin-1 keyboard for Windows

From: Mike Ayers (
Date: Tue Jul 27 2004 - 16:31:34 CDT

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    > From: Alain LaBonté []
    > Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 5:59 AM

    > À 18:24 2004-07-26, Mike Ayers a écrit:
    > > In less pedantic terms:
    > <SNIP/>
    > Oddly, that was the pedantic explanation I sought.
    > [Alain] Am I supposed to find this nice?

            Boy, is my face red. I used "pedantic" instead of "pedagogic". My
    sincere apologies.

    > [Grammar teacher] "si vous plais" should be "s'il vous
    > plaît": literally in English "if it you pleases", i.e. "if it
    > pleases you" (^8= ), so it should please me?

            I did try to look it up, but my references are at home, and the
    internet is a poor place to seek grammatic assistance. My apologies.

    > [Alain] Group 2 is fixed, but incomplete per se, and it
            I see. There is a fixed "Group 1" and "Group 2" defined, yes?

    > Now, as we know, even if the Latin script is perhaps used
    > on all keyboards sold in the world (there might be
    > exceptions, I don't know one), it is not the end of the world

            There are, at minimum, Japanese-only and Chinese-only (and I believe
    multiple kinds of both) keyboards in existence. What systems these plug
    into I do not know, as I have so far been unable to obtain one of either.

    > either (we knew it ot once -- I, for one, would have liked to
    > at least standardize entry of Vietnamese letters since we
    > were bound to the Latin script, but I was prevented to go
    > beyond the ISO/IEC 6937 repertoire at the time). National

            This is probably all for the good. Vietnamese computing has
    exploded since 1991, and only now would it be safe to encode existing
    practice (which is still bifurcated).

    > I invite all those interested to join ISO/IEC
    > JTC1/SC35/WG1, which will again try to do this (13 years
    > after the first try).

            Does one need to be an ISO member to participate?

    > [Alain] As I said in my previous mail, these definitions are
    > not the best of definitions. The distinction is but
    > intuitive, you have to see the diagrams where labeling makes
    > the difference:
            I don't have these diagrams. Are they published somewhere public?



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