Re: String name and Character Name

From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Wed Apr 13 2005 - 02:53:21 CST

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    From: "Sinnathurai Srivas" <>
    > String names are originally selected for meaning. They have meaning.

    You're wrong.


    The name "BEH WITH DOT BELOW AND THREE DOTS ABOVE" is not this character's
    meaning. There is no such thing as "beh with dots" in Arabic. A beh is a
    beh, and a character that looks like beh but has dots around means something

    Unicode names are arbitrary, just like the glyphs depicted in the Unicode
    Standard. The names do not represent actual normative use of the characters,
    the glyphs do not represent the normative design. Both the names and the
    glyphs are a convention that only applies within the standard itself. For
    all real-life references, the glyphs and the names are only approximations.
    For non-Latin scripts, the names in the Unicode Standard are transcriptions
    in some particular transcribing convention, with no ambition to be accurate
    or complete. *But* with the ambition to be consistent within its own system.
    Egyptians may pronounce some Arabic sounds differently than Iranians, and
    the same Arabic letter may be used to write different sounds in different
    languages. There is a large number of stylistic variants, writing styles and
    localized graphemes, and there is no way that the Unicode Standard can
    account for them all.


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