Re: String name and Character Name

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Apr 19 2005 - 12:18:54 CST

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    On 19/04/2005 01:04, John Hudson wrote:

    > Peter Kirk wrote:
    >> But there is still no point in requesting such corrections via
    >>, because as we have been told,
    >> character name changes suggested there are simply noted and ignored -
    >> not treated as potential annotation suggestions, but ignored.
    > Who said 'ignored'?
    > Ken said that requests to change names were were noted, but not acted
    > upon. I think you are presuming that the latter means that nothing
    > results from them, while Ken might simply have meant that requests to
    > change names never result in name changes. I seem to recall cases in
    > which complaints about names resulted in annotations in the standard.
    "Not acted upon" means no action, no change to the database, not even an
    annotation change, and is effectively the same as ignoring the request.
    If what Ken wrote is not completely correct, I am happy, but continue to
    hold that an annotation change is totally inadequate.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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