Re: Jumping Cursor. Was: Right-to-Left Punctuation Problem

From: Gregg Reynolds (
Date: Mon Aug 01 2005 - 17:25:12 CDT

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    Jony Rosenne wrote:
    > I object. The proposal, were it to be accepted, would create havoc.
    > 1) How would one tell, for example, if a 1 is an LTR 1 or an RTL 1?

    Ok, I must be missing something here. If we have <digit-1> (defaulting
    to LTR) and <digit-1-RTL>, what is the problem? Where is the havoc?
    Maybe I'm just thick. If I were to write a Unicode editor, for example,
    I would think the way to go would be to check the directionality of the
    various characters before deciding how to position them graphically. So
    if I encounter <digit-1-rtl>, I know it what it "means" (not really, in
    Unicode), but more importantly, I know how to typeset it.

    The user doesn't care if it is an LTR or RTL "1"; s/he only cares that
    it means "one" and that it be typeset correctly. After all, the user
    only ever "sees" it on screen. I truly don't see the problem. Having
    RTL digits etc. - i.e., dispensing with the totally bogus bidi
    requirement - would IMO create an absolute explosion of software in the
    RTL world. How is that problematic?

    I'm being perfectly serious, and possibly dense: I don't understand why
    such codepoints would "create havoc". Please enlighten.



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