Re: Historical Cyrillic in Unicode

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sun Aug 21 2005 - 18:05:07 CDT

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    From: "Michael Everson" <>
    > Be that as it may, the people hosting my document on their site didn't ask
    > my permission, or the permission of the other authors. Such documents go
    > out of date. I have written to the site and told them that they may point
    > to if
    > they wish.

    Conclusion: insert in your PDF a leading or trailing page that explains its
    status, your copyright notice, its official location (URL) on your web site,
    and a comment that says that the document may be uppdated over time, and
    that for further checks, one could consult a link to get the newest version,
    or a page explaining the new status of the document (if it's now deprecated
    or replaced by another standard)

    Just giving its release date and its contributors, and the non-explicit
    status "Expert Contribution" to the document is not enough.

    Given that the document also is not assigned an official document number for
    JTC WG2 (is says N25xx), it should also have an explicit date of peremption
    (no more than 6 months for such document), so that every one will know,
    without even having to consult the source site, that the document is no more
    valid and does not represent your current opinion or the opinion of the
    other contributors.

    Note that the document does not explicitly says it is YOURS. It just says
    that YOU were involded, among others, as a SOURCE.

    I understand that you can't put exclusive copyrights to this document, but
    you can give to WG2 a separate agreement allowing WG2 to make use of the
    document for their own needs (I think this could be also a small paragraph
    in the document header). But from what I read in the PDF, there's no
    copyright notice, so don't blame others if they thought they were allowed to
    reproduce it (whom should have they asked the permission to???)

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