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Date: Tue Dec 13 2005 - 05:09:30 CST

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    At 02:14 13/12/2005, Mike Ayers wrote:
    >Point me to some definitions, too, please. I find myself using
    >"globalization" and "internationalization" interchangeably, which
    >I'm rather sure is incorrect. I tried to find a trade dictionary
    >online with no success.

    Not incorrect as there are many understandings. But Unicode uses a
    clear, comprehensive, well structured conceptual understanding. Here
    is what I think is the easiest and the most exact summary to remember:

    "ASCII Globalization (Unicode meaning): Environment
    Internationalization + Computer localization".
    Internationalization : uses Unicode table of characters
    Localization: uses Unicode directories of locale files adapting the computer.
    Langtag: tag matching the Internationalized support of a language and
    its associated locale file.
    Where to grab the globalization state of the arts:
    key idea: unified system centric.

    NB: "Harmonization": "user context vernacularisation + space of
    exchange lingual reference + supported by the universalisation of the
    medium/space". key idea: multilateral user centric.

    Globalization is commonly misunderstood as opposing Harmonization
    because one starts from a supposed exclusive or universal environment
    (ex. US ASCII). It should be the basis for Harmonisation which by
    essence is the inclusion of all the globalized systems from every environment.

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