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Date: Sun Nov 12 2006 - 17:09:39 CST

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    From: "James Kass" <>

    > Hans Aberg wrote,
    >>I am not sure why you marked it "off-topic", because Code2001,
    >>another of your fonts, is the only font I have found for some of the
    >>Unicode math characters, and a font is necessary in order to make
    >>Unicode usable. There is still missing a font for a number of math
    >>characters. Wish the TeX/LaTeX/AMS fonts would be available for Unicode.
    > I marked it off-topic because it wasn't related to the subject, IE7.
    > (I've also mostly successfully avoided discussing my fonts on this
    > forum.)
    > I'm under the impression, though I could well be mistaken, that
    > John Hudson might be working on a Plane One math font. If so,
    > we can all look forward to a professional-quality font for these
    > characters.

    There is also Cambria Math in Office 2007 and Vista.... :-)

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