RE: Phetsarat font, Lao unicode

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2007 - 11:37:59 CDT

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    Brian Wilson wrote:
    > I guess I don't understand why these specifications can't be encoded
    > in the most basic level. If the blank base characters for Thai and
    > Lao are defined and documented in unicode then font developers will
    > be able to include them across platforms.
    > Maybe I am missing something.

    You're not missing something.

    It may be documented simply in the chapter describing the script, even if
    there's no data associated directly within the Unicode database.

    This would be enough to convince font designers to support at least this
    association, which would then become the standard for such usage in this

    it won't require adding a specific character, and it will discourage others
    of reusing a Latin x letter for this purpose (where the x letter is not used
    properly according to its semantic), when a script-neutral symbol would be
    more appropriate.

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