RE: Ol Chiki character name typo?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat Nov 24 2007 - 16:12:37 CST

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    On 24/11/2007, James Kass <> wrote:
    > > That's too bad, then, really. It should be possible to correct naming
    > > errors up until the time that those names become official.

    Well, aren't Unicode participating in the ISO ballots? If possible, they
    should announce the documents they are looking at, asking for comments, to
    see if there are errors or typos, before it's too late, just because the ISO
    process is too opaque for getting noticed by most users.

    In understand that ISO has limited resources and wants to limit the
    interactions with users. But ISO members should be more scrupulous than ISO
    itself in its process: why should this remain secret (or mostly unnoticed in
    a nearly unknown/hidden website where all working documents handle various
    details that have no impact on the final result).

    For things that will become immutable, notably the list of intended
    character names, this should be announced publicly long before the final
    decision. Such thing should be announced early, even if the definitive list
    of characters to keep is not finalized.

    And to make sure that no errors will slip through the final revision
    process, a database of characters in consideration should be made and
    maintained by ISO as long as the decision process is not finalized. In the
    software industry, we have alpha versions for commenting preliminary
    features that may or may not be retained (or rescheduled for later
    inclusion), we also have betas for allowing fixing the last bugs within the
    scheduled milestone, before the final release. Why not at ISO?

    Can't ISO admit that the things that can't be corrected later but that will
    become public, must be publicly announced in a more visible way, and
    commented with bug reports for the whole process before the FPDAM stage?

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