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Date: Fri Dec 07 2007 - 08:05:04 CST

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    -On [20071207 14:29], Jukka K. Korpela ( wrote:
    >If it is reserved space, it does not matter whether something is planned
    >there now. It's incorrect to use such code positions anyway, even if you
    >would thereby anticipate their future assignment. Private use code
    >positions are a better choice.

    I reported their use of reserved code points back as well as a lot of glyphs
    that are not implemented but do not have a .notdef glyph in place either.

    >In _fonts_, the situation may be different: a position in a font need
    >not correspond to a Unicode code position. This depends on the encoding
    >of the font. The crucial question is: if you take some Unicode encoded
    >data and use the font to render the text, will unassigned code numbers
    >be presented properly (using symbols for unassigned positions) or as
    >some graphic characters?

    In this case some things were in need of revision if Stix really has as aim to
    make technical publication better supported. It's a good step in the right
    direction though.

    Otherwise, the fonts really work nicely and given how Opera added MathML
    support (not fully fleshed out yet) in the 9.5 beta, things look very
    interesting on that technical publication front.

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