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Date: Fri Jul 04 2008 - 20:11:30 CDT

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    Hi Michael Everson and Unicode Group List

    On Sat, Jul 5, 2008 at 3:23 AM, Michael Everson <>

    > At 14:28 -0600 2008-07-04, Doug Ewell wrote:
    >> Ngwe Tun quoted the Myanmar Times, which evidently doesn't have a lot of
    >> on-staff experts in character encoding:
    >> "The new Unicode font not only includes the Myanmar language, but also
    >>> other ethnic languages that are accepted by Unicode Consortium.
    >> Unicode encodes characters that are used for writing languages. It does
    >> not "accept" languages.
    > Be fair, Doug. You don't speak Burmese. They mean, of course, "characters
    > that support Burmese and also a number of minority languages in the Union of
    > Myanmar".
    Why you write *Be Fair*? Is it not true? How strange another sentence in
    burmese in their article? Ireland company collecting Myanmar Glyphs and
    Techmonation Company developed programs? Could it be done? Do you know other
    ethnics language too? Only Native Speaker can be done for their Native
    Language. I can accept that Myanmar Native speaker organized burmese and
    ethnics glyphs and programs the Ireland company? Even you missed some
    ethnics characters in past proposal, wasn't it? You amended several
    characters again and again in Myanmar Block.

      At present, Shan, Mon and Kayin font types will be included in this
    >>> Unicode font," he said.
    >> For clarity, Unicode also does not specify, produce, or approve fonts.
    > The article refers to a font which is being developed that supports Unicode
    > 5.1 characters.

    We have already had Myanmar Unicode Fonts. There are 3 free fonts and 2 of 3
    fonts are released as open source license. So, Everyone can be used those
    fonts in software and web sites. But There are no specification for Mon,
    Shan and Karen encoding. You can make new fonts for any software or specific
    web site. But It shouldn't be monopolized the public interested web sites
    like wikipedia or google or youtube or facebook.

    > "We could complete the development of the font by the last week of August
    >>> when we get confirmation from the Unicode Consortium's meeting to be held in
    >>> Hong Kong at that time," Ko Htoo Myint Naung said.
    >> The Unicode Web page doesn't show any meetings in Hong Kong in August.
    >> There is a WG2 meeting scheduled for October in Hong Kong. Such a meeting
    >> might involve discussion of the 18 Myanmar characters still remaining in the
    >> Pipeline.
    > The meeting is, as you say, in October, and Htoo Myint Naung is, prudently,
    > awaiting the results of PDAM 6.2 before proceeding with early
    > implementation.
    > The present font used in the Myanmar version of Wikipedia is Padauk,
    >>> which was written according to the Unicode 4.1 standard,
    >> Which means roughly that it supports only those characters encoded as of
    >> Unicode 4.1 (March 2005), and not the ones encoded since then. (But see
    >> below.)
    > The Myanmar Wikipedia is a mess, of course, because of the plethora of
    > Unicode and pseudo-Unicode fonts out there.

    User will try with current Myanmar Unicode Font. It's substinable right now.
    You can develop another font. But do not make specificed fonts to download.
    Getting SysOp in Wikipedia is not right duty for making font and setting own
    font in wikipedia.

      I got some question after reading. To clarify the truth as in.
    >>> 1) Had Unicode published or released representation of Mon, Shan and
    >>> Karen encoding specification document like UTN#11?
    > There is no UTN, but there are now Mon, Shan, and Karen characters encoded.
    > If it's not listed in the "Unicode Technical Notes" page, there is no UTN
    >> on this. You might check with the authors of UTN #11 to see if they would
    >> consider updating their paper to add a discussion of these additional
    >> languages written with the Myanmar script.
    > Far as I know there aren't major issues involving the new characters.

    so, In Mon, Shan and Karen has different storage order and still karen ppl
    are arguing dot below position. How do you measure major or minor? For
    proposal writer, It might not be major? You will not type or use in daily.
    We must use those character in daily purpose. Don't mentioned urgency level
    comparison by your soul?

    > 2) Will Unicode Consortium meeting decide Fonts for Burmese, Shan, Mon
    >>> and Karen?
    >> Unicode does not "decide" fonts. They encode characters, whose glyphs may
    >> subsequently be added to fonts.
    > Yes, I don't know what Ngwe Tun is asking here.

    > :) I'm not Unicode Member yet. That's why I'm asking here. If Unicode
    > Consoritum will decide Fonts in internal meeting, I will be the part of
    > Unicode Member. I will pay for Unicode Members Fees.
    > 3) Are there any practice for setting default font in other language
    >>> wikipedia? (it's out of question for Unicode Mailing List)
    >> It is. Having said that, Wikipedia (like many Web sites) uses a
    >> stylesheet to determine the display font. Since I don't have Paduak, when I
    >> visit the Myanmar Wikipedia page, I see it in Code2000. You would have to
    >> tell your browser to ignore the fonts specified by the stylesheet and use
    >> yours instead, which often doesn't turn out as well as hoped.
    > I have been talking to Jimmy Wales about helping to sort out the Myanmar
    > Wikipedia, and I agree that this list is not the forum for discussion about
    > it.

    Hey It's cross-road of Unicode and Wikipedia. So, There are a lot of
    localziation experts subscribed that mailing list. They can answer good
    explanation here. You may not answer good question here because you are one
    of font developer for Myanmar Wikipedia. skip it, Others people will answer
    more detail. I sincerely mentioned that it's out of question. But someone
    may know about Wikimedia Foundation practice.

    I got good explanation by Doug Ewell. I will spread information by Myanmar
    Media. Myanmar People are lack in references. Stupid Group and Myanmar
    biased Media were making news with wrong information. You may not know that

    > --
    > Michael Everson *
    Cheers. Thanks for finding solution.

    In Burmese; Ngwe mean 1) Silver 2) Money 3) Second Awards; Tun mean 1) Light
    2) be prominent.

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