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Date: Fri Jan 09 2009 - 16:42:18 CST

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    Then please, let's wait for two hundred years and let's see which of
    those newly invented emoji stood the test of time. I really won't
    object encoding the surviving ones retrospectively.

    2009/1/9 Adam Twardoch <>:
    > I think emoji is the new punctuation.
    > At some point there were no punctuation characters. So written text were
    > just "words". I can imagine that some people opposed the idea of adding
    > dots and commas and dashes, because they were "silent" marks that did
    > not so much influence the contents of the text but more its form (at
    > least that may have been the thinking).
    > Today, people feel like they want more punctuation, because the written
    > communication needs to be more compact, and there are some common codes
    > in writing that convey certain meaning, and emoji are part of it.
    > They are multi-colored? So what. The practice of putting red vowel marks
    > over black Arabic writing has existed for centuries. They're animated?
    > So what, the technology permits it.
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