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From: sergey (
Date: Tue Nov 17 2009 - 10:56:26 CST

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    Hi, Doug!

    An interaction between "match similar symbols" and "ignore case" options is
    interesting thing. I did not think about this yet :-)

    I suggest the next method when both options is enabled.

    Let we have search string "B" (Latin B).
    User want to replace this string with "1".

    What program should to do:

    - search for uppercase Latin B;
    - search for its similarities: uppercase Greek Β, uppercase Cyrillic В etc;
    - search for lowercase Latin b;
    - search for its similarities: MATHEMATICAL DOUBLE-STRUCK SMALL B "𝕓", MATHEMATICAL BOLD SMALL B "𝐛" etc;
    - replace all matches with "1".

    Program should not do:
    - get similarities of uppercase Latin B: uppercase Greek Β, uppercase Cyrillic В etc;
    - and then: convert this letters to lower case: β, в;
    - and then: search for β, в;
    - and possible then: search for similarities of β, в.

    Regards, Sergey.


    On Sat, 14 Nov 2009 20:28:16 -0700
    "Doug Ewell" <> wrote:

    > [...]
    > ROCK: Many uppercase letters that are "identical" or "similar" across
    > scripts, such as Latin B and Greek Β and Cyrillic В, turn out to be
    > dramatically different in lowercase: b, β, в.
    > HARD PLACE: Users of text editors expect searching and replacing
    > functions to have an "ignore case" option.
    Сергей Феоктистов

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