SIL's PUA (was: preparing a PUA specification (for historical Polish text))

From: Janusz S. Bień (
Date: Sun Apr 18 2010 - 00:38:25 CDT

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    On Mon, 12 Apr 2010 "Doug Ewell" <> wrote:

    > Petr Tomasek <tomasek at etf dot cuni dot cz> wrote:
    >>> If you do want PUA assignments, it might be most appropriate to
    >>> propose these for inclusion in MUFI.
    >> Just curious: why MUFI and not SIL?
    > The MUFI collection is focused on medieval letters, like the ones
    > Professor Bień is interested in. SIL's collection is more geared toward
    > letters used in modern orthographies.

    Exactly. As I understand, it is oriented towards contemporary minority
    and endangered languages, and old Polish doesn't belong to this

    Thanks for the link anyway.

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