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Date: Fri May 28 2010 - 04:02:54 CDT

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    On 27 May 2010 20:36, Leonardo Boiko <> wrote:
    > Is there some documentation I’m missing for the CJK Strokes range?

    No, for some unknown reason the character naming system for CJK
    Strokes are not documented in the Unicode standard (or if they are, I
    can't find them either).

    > - Meanings of each capital letter that’s used to compose their names
    > (HZG, HPWG and so on).

    B = biǎn 扁 "flat"
    D = diǎn 點 "dot"
    G = gōu 鉤 "hook"
    H = héng 橫 "horizontal"
    N = nà 捺 "right-falling"
    P = piě 撇 "left-falling"
    Q = quān 圈 "circle"
    S = shù 豎 "vertical"
    T = tí 提 "rising"
    W = wān 彎 "curved"
    X = xié 斜 "slant"
    Z = zhé 折 "bent" (but = zuǒ 左 "left" in SWZ)

    > - Relationship of said stroke-components with the traditional
    > Principles of Yong/yǒngzì bāfǎ/ eiji happō[1].

    They go beyond the traditional stroke classification as they cover all
    characters, including some with rather unusual stroke types.

    > • (¹) How are yǒngzì strokes #6 and #7 related to CJK Strokes
    > letters W and P? At first I thought #6 = W and #7 = P, but then I
    > noticed SWZ (U+31D8) and other -W- strokes don’t match this.
    > Perhaps #6 and #7 are both unified in P, and W means something
    > else?
    > Further, stroke components lacking codepoints (G, Z) seem to be
    > modifications of other basic strokes (kind of like combining
    > characters). Since there is no CJK STROKE W, I suppose it’s also
    > a “combining stroke”. But if it’s different than wān, what’s the
    > W for and what it represents?
    > • (²) These names were extracted from ja.wpedia[3], are they
    > correct?
    > • (³) Where are B and Q from and what do they mean?

    The following table (extracted from a web page that I used to have but
    which now seems to have disappeared) may help you understand what each
    stroke character represents:

    31C0 CJK STROKE T 提 tí
            2nd stroke of 冰
    31C1 CJK STROKE WG 彎鉤 wān gōu
            2nd strokeof 狐
    31C2 CJK STROKE XG 斜鉤 xié gōu
            5th stroke of 我
    31C3 CJK STROKE BXG 扁斜鉤 biǎn xié gōu
            2nd stroke of 心
    31C4 CJK STROKE SW 豎彎 shù wān
            3rd stroke of 亡
            4th stroke of 四
    31C5 CJK STROKE HZZ 橫折折 héng zhé zhé
            1st stroke of 卍
    31C6 CJK STROKE HZG 橫折鉤 héng zhé gōu
            1st stroke of 羽
            1st stroke of 也
    31C7 CJK STROKE HP 橫撇 héng piě
            1st stroke of 又
            4th stroke of 今
    31C8 CJK STROKE HZWG 橫折彎鉤 héng zhé wān gōu
            1st stroke of 飞
            2nd stroke of 九
    31C9 CJK STROKE SZWG 豎折彎鉤 shù zhé wān gōu
            3rd stroke of 弓
            2nd stroke of 马
    31CA CJK STROKE HZT 橫折提 héng zhé tí
            2nd stroke of 计
            2nd stroke of 鳩
    31CB CJK STROKE HZZP 橫折折撇 héng zhé zhé piě
            7th stroke of 建
            1st stroke of 及
    31CC CJK STROKE HPWG 橫撇彎鉤 héng piě wān gōu
            6th stroke of 邮
    31CD CJK STROKE HZW 橫折彎 héng zhé wān
            5th stroke of 投
    31CE CJK STROKE HZZZ 橫折折折 héng zhé zhé zhé
            1st stroke of 凸
    31CF CJK STROKE N 捺 nà
            3rd stroke of 大
            7th stroke of 走
    31D0 CJK STROKE H 橫 héng
            1st stroke of 丁
            1st stroke of 七
    31D1 CJK STROKE S 豎 shù
    ] 4th stroke of 中
            2nd stroke of 五
    31D2 CJK STROKE P 撇 piě
            1st stroke of 乏
    31D3 CJK STROKE SP 豎撇 shù piě
            2nd stroke of 大
    31D4 CJK STROKE D 點 diǎn
            1st stroke of 永
    31D5 CJK STROKE HZ 橫折 héng zhé
            2nd stroke of 田
    31D6 CJK STROKE HG 橫鉤 héng gōu
            1st stroke of 疋
            1st stroke of 子
    31D7 CJK STROKE SZ 豎折 shù zhé
            1st stroke of 断
            2nd stroke of 山
            2nd stroke of 东
    31D8 CJK STROKE SWZ 豎彎左 shù wān zuǒ
            6th stroke of 肅 (although I don't write it that way)
    31D9 CJK STROKE ST 豎提 shù tí
            3rd stroke of 民
            1st stroke of 水
    31DB CJK STROKE PD 撇點 piě diǎn
            1st stroke of 巡
            1st stroke of 女
    31DC CJK STROKE PZ 撇折 piě zhé
            3rd stroke of 公
            4th stroke of 弘
    31DD CJK STROKE TN 提捺 tí nà
            4th stroke of 尐
            2nd stroke of 入
    31DE CJK STROKE SZZ 豎折折 shù zhé zhé
            4th stroke of 亞
            6th stroke of 鼎
            1st stroke of 卐
            4th stroke of 吳
            3rd stroke of 专
    31DF CJK STROKE SWG 豎彎鉤 shù wān gōu
            7th stroke of 乱
            3rd stroke of 己
    31E0 CJK STROKE HXWG 橫斜彎鉤 héng xié wān gōu
            1st stroke of 乙
    31E1 CJK STROKE HZZZG 橫折折折鉤 héng zhé zhé zhé gōu
            1st stroke of 乃
    31E2 CJK STROKE PG 撇鉤 piě gōu
            1st stroke of 乄
    31E3 CJK STROKE Q 圈 quān
            6th stroke of 㔔


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