Re: Why not just change the glyph of 20A8 RUPEE SIGN?

From: Alex Plantema (
Date: Wed Jul 28 2010 - 06:26:35 CDT

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    Op wo 28 juli 2010 11:22 schreef Shriramana Sharma:

    > This is a somewhat late mail and please forgive me if this question has
    > already been asked but there are too many hits for 20A8 Rupee when
    > searching through the lists. Isn't it possible to just change the glyph
    > of 20A8? To my knowledge, few people actually use 20A8 to display the
    > existing representative glyph.
    > The Rupee sign is what it is -- the sign of India's currency. The
    > character 20A8 encodes that sign. If the Indian Govt decides to change
    > the glyph (in fact it is only now *deciding* on a glyph) then the same
    > character should be maintained with only the glyph changed, no?

    Other countries have a currency named rupee as well. They keep using 20A8.


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