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From: Marion Gunn <>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2012 15:56:54 +0100

You are most welcome, Jameson. I look forward with interest to
monitoring progress re this.

All the best,

Scríobh 24/08/2012 13:49, Jameson Quinn:
> Thank you, Marion.
> To strengthen his hand, Mr Quinn might be well advised to ask his
> own National Body for accreditation as an ISO representative for
> himself and some friends, so as to participate directly, as an
> interest group, through normal ISO channels (I recommend this
> because decisions taken in re ISO 10646 by a majority vote of
> participating countries must become part of Unicode). If his
> country does not already have National Body participation in ISO,
> this is not such a great difficulty, as that should be easy to
> arrange, especially with its own national interest at stake.
> Actually, as a US citizen who's spent the last 10 years residing in
> the Mayan area (Chiapas and Guatemala), I doubt I'd be an appropriate
> choice as a Guatemalan representative. But I have already written to
> Lolmay Garcia, the Kaqchikel linguistic community representative on
> the ALMG, who, as a technically-inclined Mayan linguist, would be an
> appropriate choice. I also have contacts in the Ministry of Culture, a
> couple of Mayan-oriented publishing houses (Chol Samaj and Prodessa),
> and the local free software movement.
> (In Chiapas, my contacts are more with the Zapatistas, who might be
> interested in these issues but will not be getting ISO representation
> any day soon. I have no contacts with the Mayan communities in the
> Yucatan peninsula, Belize, or Honduras.)
> I hope this helps,
> Yes, greatly.
> Jameson

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