Re: Proposal to add standardized variation sequences for chess notation

From: Richard Wordingham <>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2017 00:47:01 +0100

On Mon, 3 Apr 2017 23:35:52 +0100
Michael Everson <> wrote:

> On 3 Apr 2017, at 22:03, Richard Wordingham
> <> wrote:

The relevant text before was,

"I'm talking about looking for a U+2654 glyph for ordinary text when
all the first font tried has is:

 2654 FE01; Chesspiece on white; # WHITE CHESS KING
 2654 FE02; Chesspiece on black; # WHITE CHESS KING"

> > Should it give a glyph for U+2654 or not?

> Of course. Why wouldn't it? It’s a graphic character.

What my conceptual example font has is not the sort of glyph one would
want for sentences like "Alice ♙ d4 meets White Queen ♕ (with shawl)".

> I don’t see how anything you’re saying either identifies or tried to
> solve any actual problem with the proposal. The proposal says “put
> some substitution tables into your chess font to display a particular
> glyph” and some apps do that and some don’t. You can’t use VS with
> apps that don't.

I'm trying to work out whether we need a variation sequence for
"chesspiece in a sentence". We need the advice of someone who's worked
on font fallback.

You don't need substitution tables to be executed if your application
can just look up glyphs for variation sequences.

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