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Unicode Technical Note #35

Indonesian and Philippine Scripts and Extensions

Version 1
Author Christopher Miller
Date 14 March 2011
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This paper provides an overview of scripts of Indonesia and the Philippines that are either unencoded or encoded but require further extensions, as of Unicode version 6.0. The scripts surveyed in detail in this paper include for the Philippines: Tagalog, modern Kapampangan, Calatagan Pot Inscription characters and Eskayan; for Sumatra: Central Malay, Kerinci, (provisionally) Minangkabau, Lampung and Angka Bejagung numeral extensions to the Rejang block, and for Sulawesi, Sumbawa and Flores: Buginese, Ende and Bimanese extensions to Buginese, Makassarese Bird script, Sulawesi Lontara' Bilang-bilang and an alleged Minahasa script. The post-Pallava Malayu scripts of Sumatra as well as Pallava and the related Kadamba and Calukya scripts of India are noted in passing.

For each script surveyed in detail, the name or name(s), typological classification and usage status are given, where known, and tables of characters or extensions, are provided together with notes on encoding issues where relevant.


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The body of this note is contained in the file "indonesian-philippine.pdf".