Re: [tibex] Swastika to be banned by Microsoft?

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Sun Dec 14 2003 - 22:58:20 EST

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    I've never seen a *rotated* swastika used alone as a religious symbol in Asia.
    However there are several patterns consisting of interlinked rotated swastika
    on remains of the stone cladding of the Ashokan stupa at Sarnath near Benares
    (where Buddha gave his first teaching), and you see similar patterns on many
    Chinese silk fabrics.

    A (non rotated) Swastika is the main symbol of the Jain religion in India as
    well as of the Bonpo religion in Tibet. In Hindu religion it is the sign of the
    god Ganesha.

    - Chris

    Christopher J. Fynn
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    > Does any Asian rendering of the Swastika uses the 45 degree rotated form?
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