Ranges/blocks ; font lookup by range

From: Don Osborn (dzo@bisharat.net)
Date: Sat May 05 2007 - 09:07:25 CST

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    Two quick and basic questions:


    1) Is "character range" or "character block" the preferred term now?
    I'm assuming that they are pretty much synonymous but wanted to check before
    using one or the other for explaining Unicode to people without much
    knowledge of how it works. "Block" and "character block" (the latter as a
    crossref.) are in the Unicode glossary, but range is the term used in the
    title of the charts. Sorry this is a tedious question but it's for a good

    2) Is there a utility / database somewhere for font look-up by
    character range or specific character? I'm aware of very useful resources
    like Alan Wood's site, where you can browse or search a list of fonts, but
    haven't found something to let you generate a list of fonts that have a
    particular set of ranges or characters. The way I'm looking at this, it is
    more a concern where dealing with extended ranges for a particular script,
    especially Latin. Of course it could also be used as a shortcut to finding
    general fonts for a particular script, but I'm thinking of a way to connect
    information that a font for X language would need, say Latin Extended-B and
    IPA Extensions, with a way to look up all fonts that have those (plus in the
    case of Latin the basic ranges also by default) and get a list.


    Thanks in advance for any info.



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