February 9, 2009



Approved minutes for INCITS/L2 meeting #214

Cupertino, November 5-7, 2008



1. Opening remarks and introductions

Eric Muller, Chair, convened the meeting on November 5, 2008, at 9:45 am. He introduced himself as Chair.

1.1 Meeting Guidelines

The Chair stated that the meeting was operating under INCITS procedures, and called special attention to the ANSI patent policies (showing slides 1-3 of http://www.incits.org/pat_slides.pdf) and the INCITS antitrust policies (http://www.incits.org/inatrust.htm). The Chair noted that the INCITS Antitrust Guidelines applied to this committee meeting, and that it was the responsibility of all attendees, and not just the Officers, to ensure that the Guidelines are followed, and to terminate discussions if they are not.

1.2 Meeting Documents

The Chair noted that the meeting documents are obtainable from http://www.unicode.org/L2/L-curdoc.htm (using the current user ID and password). The agenda and meeting documents were posted in the required time frame.

2. Attendance and membership

2.1 Officers

Following the calls for volunteers for the position of Chair, Eric Muller has been appointed to that position by the INCITS Executive Board (L2/08-424). His second term begins in January 2009 and will expire in January 2012.

2.2 Gaining and losing voting membership

Information on how membership is gained, maintained, and lost in any INCITS Technical Committee or Task Group may be found at http://www.incits.org/rd2/in080568.pdf. An overview of these requirements was introduced by the chair and was distributed to all attendees in the electronically distributed meeting documents.

2.3 Changes in representation since last meeting

The following changes in member representation have occurred since the last meeting:

2.4 New advisory members

No organization has applied for membership since the last meeting.

2.5 Membership for this meeting

Based on the above information, the total voting membership is 12, effective at the start of this meeting. The complete list of members (both voting and advisory), as well as the attendance to this meeting is:

Members Attendance
Organization Class Representative November 5 November 6 November 7
Adobe Systems Voting Eric Muller, primary x x x
Ken Lunde, alternate      
Apple Voting Deborah Goldsmith, primary     x
John Jenkins, alternate   x  
Peter Edberg, alternate x x x
Lee Collins, alternate      
Google Voting Mark Davis, primary x x x
Hewlett-Packard Voting Susan Kline, primary      
IBM Voting V.S.Umamaheswaran, primary      
Lisa Moore, alternate x x x
Microsoft Voting Peter Constable, primary x x x
Murray Sargent, alternate x x  
NetApp Voting Tex Texin, primary      
Sun Microsystems Voting Ienup Sung, primary      
Naoto Sato, alternate      
Sybase Voting Ken Whistler, primary x x x
Ian MacLeod, alternate      
Unicode Voting Rick McGowan x x x
Mike Ksar, alternate   x  
Richard Cook, alternate      
Michel Suignard, alternate x x x
University of California at Berkeley Voting Deborah Anderson, primary x x x
Yahoo! Voting Craig Cummings, primary x x x
Norbert Lindenberg, alternate      
Mike McKenna, alternate      
Federal Communications Commission Liaison Donald Draper-Campbell      
INCITS/PL22.4 Liaison Ann Bennett      
Library of Congress Liaison Randall K. Barry      
Sally McCallum      

3. Approval of the Agenda

An electronic version of the agenda (L2/08-363) and supporting documents were accessible via http://www.unicode.org/L2/L-curdoc.htm. The Chair presented the agenda and made a call for any new agenda item. It was moved by Peter Constable and seconded by Lisa Moore that the agenda be approved as revised. The motion was passed by unanimous consent.


4. Approval of meeting minutes from L2 #213

The minutes of meeting L2 #213, August 13-15, 2008, document L2/08-256, were reviewed. No issues were raised. It was moved by Mark Davis and seconded by Ken Whistler to accept those minutes. The motion was passed by unanimous consent.


5. Reports and liaisons

5.1 WG2 #53

5.2 OWG SORT #8


A revised version of INCITS/RD-2, Organization and Procedures, was posted on November 5, 2008 and is available at http://www.incits.org/rd2/in081453.pdf (see L2/08-416).


6. Ballots

A summary of recent international ballots is available at http://www.unicode.org/L2/L-notice.htm.

6.1 International ballot reports

Doc# Subject Source INCITS
Due Date


ISO/IEC 10646: 2003/PDAM 6.2, Information technology -- Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) -- AMENDMENT 6: Javanese, Lisu, Meetei Mayek, Samaritan, and other characters SC2 N4028 September 10, 2008 2/3

Summary of Voting: SC2 N4034
Disposition of comments SC2 N4042

L2/08-321 ISO/IEC 14651/PDAM 1, Information technology -- International string ordering and comparison -- Method for comparing character strings and description of the common template tailorable ordering -- AMENDMENT 1 SC2 N4031  


Summary of Voting: SC2 N4036
Disposition of comments SC2 N4038

6.2 New ballots to vote

Doc# Subject Source INCITS
Due Date

Project Subdivision Proposal for ISO/IEC 10646: 2003/Amendment 7

SC2 N4041 December 8, 2008 2/3
It was moved by Lisa Moore and seconded by Peter Edberg to approve the project subdivision proposal for ISO/IEC 10646:2003/Amendment 7. The resolution was approved 11:0:0:1.

For: Adobe, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Sun, Sybase, Unicode, University of California at Berkeley, Yahoo!
Against: none
Abstain: none
No vote: HP


7. International meetings

7.1 Future meetings


8. Endorsement of joint UTC/L2 meeting recommendations

It was moved by Mark Davis and seconded by Peter Constable to endorse the motions and consensus of the joint UTC/L2 meeting as recorded in document L2/08-362. The motion was passed by unanimous consent.

9. Upcoming meetings


10. Action Items

Action items are recorded in document L-SD2.


11. Adjournment

It was moved by Mark Davis and seconded by Craig Cummings to adjourn the meeting on November 7, 2008, at 3:20 pm. The motion was passed by unanimous consent.