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Foundation Grants

The Unicode Consortium is deeply indebted to the generosity of foundations that support the mission of the Consortium through financial grants. These grants are used to expand the Consortium's support of the languages of the world. As additional scripts are encoded and enabled in our freely-available specifications and data, more people in all regions of the globe can use computers, search engines, applications, and mobile devices in their native languages.

The grants awarded to the Unicode Consortium and their purpose are listed here.

Henry Luce Foundation

The Henry Luce Foundation has made a one-time grant to the Unicode Consortium to support a December 2013 meeting to further progress the Tangut script for its eventual incorporation into the Unicode Standard and the associated ISO/IEC 10646 International Standard. The meeting brings together scholars of Tangut and experts in the character encoding process to agree on the character repertoire for this large and complex script. Once encoded, scholars and users of this writing system will be able to more easily use software to represent Tangut, opening the ability of usage in modern computing environments, including mobile technologies, the Internet, and World Wide Web. Work on this grant is directed by Dr. Deborah Anderson, Technical Director of the Consortium and the Project Leader of the UC Berkeley’s Script Encoding Initiative.

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