Re: Do we need a Klingon in Unicode (was Re: What happened to

From: Robert Brady (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 17:23:24 EDT

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Michael Everson wrote:

> Why should it be considered a joke? If there is a user community interested
> in such a thing....
> I think the Tengwar and Cirth proposals (also invented alphabets) are far
> more important, however.

How likely is it that when/if Tengwar and Cirth get into the UCS, they
will do so at the Roadmap position, with the codepoints assigned as in the
current proposal?

> It remains to be seen whether UTC and WG2 will accept Klingon, but in the
> meantime we are concentrating on the Tai scripts of Southeast Asia.


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